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Students new to the command line always panic and bust a spring when you start making folders and nested folders and multiple files in a single line. I try not to smile when this happens because I remember my own teachers doing the same thing in bootcamp.

Back in bootcamp my teacher Ernest would march in the room, laptop open, wearing either a t-shirt and jeans or a 3 piece suit, plug the laptop into the projector and open the terminal in Visual Studio Code and just start dropping folders and files in a new front project and if you…

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The other day I was reading an essay or article from a developer, I can’t even remember what, and the writer mentioned a website where you can work on coding projects and I felt really embarrassed and bit dismayed for a minute because I suddenly remembered I’d signed up for that very site a few weeks ago and had apparently immediately forgot about it. It just seems like I have so many books and tutorials and bookmarks and links.

This isn’t new; ever since bootcamp, a year now, I’ve been saving articles and tutorials and buying books and courses. There’s…

It Can Help You Move Forward

Computer monitor with project open in Visual Studio Code
Computer monitor with project open in Visual Studio Code
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I’ve been working on a coding problem on a site for a while, just here and there as I can, but it’s usually night when I have time. I knew a while back I’d spent too long on the problem. It wasn’t supposed to take as long as I was taking, and I was going in circles anyway. Something wasn’t right in my code and I couldn’t seem to think outside of what I’d already done.

I even stepped away from it for a few weeks and then started over, just working on a…

I opened this GitHub account in 2016 when I was getting excited about coding but never knew what it was for until bootcamp. 🤪 The blank part in January-ish represents some lethargy on my part.
Personal theme song for my autumnal rust belt coding bootcamp, discovered by accident when Spotify kept going while I was taking an afternoon nap in Capetown

When I used to do the grocery shopping some years back I found some 100% fruit juice popsicles, the kind in a plastic sleeve. I bought them on a whim and found that they were pretty tasty. I don’t remember much about them except I used to eat several at once. Then the store stopped carrying them and that was it.

Fast forward to present, when my wife found GoodPop freezer pops for sale online and bought some for me. Coincidentally I was watching The Mandalorian at the same time and started eating nightly freezer pops. You know how it…

I can’t quite say it’s a regret that I never explored the American West outside California when I was younger, but in hindsight it seems like, for me, there could have been more viable/interesting options than moving to the seemingly unforgiving Bay Area from ’03 — ’04. When I was nearing the end of college in ‘99, it was Denver I was thinking of, Kerouac’s Denver of Cody Pomeroy and his pool hall adventures of Larimer Street (in 2015 I finally made it to Larimer Street and had breakfast at a hipster place). I never pulled the trigger on Denver…

Good ‘ol New York, edge of Central Park

What can you say about a restaurant that has over 8000 online reviews, 6000 of them positively glowing and 2000 of them full of hate and anger and none of them are inaccurate, really, and in spite of it all the restaurant just keeps on crashing through every day, people in whites cooking food, slapping dishes, the building blowing steam out of rusty rooftop vents, the host wordlessly leading people to tables and bringing drinks and the waiters sometimes getting orders wrong and getting annoyed and that’s just how it is, this restaurant, in an old, hot, crummy building with…

I sent these back to Musician’s Friend. It would have been easy to keep them. They were beautiful instruments yet I had no particular feeling about either one of them. Pardon the outrageous mess in the background — we were doing an addition/remodel and the house was in disarray.

I’ve been a Strat person since 1990 or so, when I bought a MIJ flower power Strat from a little music store in Akron that later burned down. I used that guitar for the next 20 years. It has great feel and low action but also (took me a while to realize this) the most passive pickups on earth. …

Day my life changed

January 13, 2017 — the day my life, or at least my sedentary hours, of which there are many, changed.

Top view of somewhat disassembled distributor on a straight six Chevy. Has nothing to do with this story.

I was at the dermatologist for the first time recently, sitting there in a paper gown and the doctor turned out to be this suave guy who almost stormed into the room and stuck out his hand for me to shake it while a nurse followed closely behind him. He’s one of those guys who you can’t follow closely enough because he darts everywhere and he expects you to be right behind him. …

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